Dancers, Choreographers & Muscians 


Choreographer/Artistic Director/Dancer


Sutra Dance Theatre, Malaysia

Described by international dance connoisseurs as one of the finest artistes of his generation, Ramli Ibrahim has set stages ablaze in venerated centres of dance from Australia and India to Paris for more than three decades...


Composer / Musician

American-born Chinese composer Alex Dea is trained in Western classical music and received a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University, with a specialty in Javanese gamelan music. Mentors include prominent avant-garde composers La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Robert Ashley. He studied raga for five years with the late Hindustani master, Pandit Pran Nath.


Dancer / Choreographer

Astad Deboo has been described as a pioneer of modern dance in India. He has extensive training in the Kathak and the Kathakali styles (the Indian classical dance forms). Astad trained in the Martha Graham dance technique and was an apprentice under Pina Bausch of the Wuppertal Dance Company and Alison Chase of the Pilobolus Dance Company



From being a pioneer in bringing the electric guitar to international acclaim as a concert instrument for the ancient Indian art form of Carnatic music, to being a force in the cutting edge of Jazz, Classical and World music, Prasanna continues to stun music enthusiasts with an ever-evolving palette of vocabulary as a composer and improviser.


Dancer / Choreographer

Albert is a choreographer, dancer and teacher of contemporary dance and jazz. His dance creations incorporate aboriginal traditional dance, including dances from the Torres Strait Islands. Albert has spent time with various indigenous communities throughout Australia and with the permission of Aboriginal elders,...


Dancer / Choreographer

A consummate dancer, Veshnu is one of a very few Indian classical dancers from Singapore to have achieved a high professional status in the art-form. He has developed his kinetic skills both in the traditional genre of Bharatha Natyam as well as in the innovative sphere of new dance vocabulary.

His Bharatha Natyam practice has a unique and vibrant style...


Dancer / Choreographer

Seran’s initial training in Bharatha Natyam started at the age of 12 under Usha Karunakaran. In 1998 in preparation for his <emArengetram</em> (dance debut) Seran went to Chennai in South India, where he underwent rigorous training in the art form under the renowned ‘dancing duo’ the Dhananjayans. Back in Sydney he presented his dance debut

Lingalayam Dance Company Established in 1987

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