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In 1987 Anandavalli started the Lingalayam Dance Academy, a school of classical Indian dancing. As the years progressed the Academy produced a highly talented and disciplined group of artists within the school. ‘The Lingalayam Dancers,’ as they came to be known, performed regularly to sell-out audiences in Sydney.


In 1996 the Lingalayam Dance Company was founded.  This provided further artistic development and regular professional performing opportunities for those graduates of the academy whose aim was to become proficient and professional in this ancient art form


Lingalayam is unique as an Australian Indian Dance Company - being one of the few companies of its kind in Australia - and has contributed immensely to the continuing survival and evolution of an ancient art form. Lingalayam has established itself as a professional Indian dance company, producing an annual season, in addition to smaller works which are developed or commissioned, and performed at various times throughout the year.

Lingalayam specialises in the Indian classical dance forms of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi. Over the years Lingalayam has demonstrated its proficiency in the articulation of both these dance vocabularies...

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