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A consummate dancer, Veshnu is one of a very few Indian classical dancers from Singapore to have achieved a high professional status in the art-form. He has developed his kinetic skills both in the traditional genre of Bharatha Natyam as well as in the innovative sphere of new dance vocabulary.

His Bharatha Natyam practice has a unique and vibrant style which has evolved out of his perseverance in the search for artistic excellence. Consciously interpreting the subject matter of his dance, and communicating the feeling (Rasa) and expression (Bhava), technical clarity, strong conceptual frameworks, depth of knowledge, musical sensitivities, and a sincere sense of devotion (Bhakthi) are the hallmarks of his dynamic artistry. Veshnu constantly produces numerous, quality productions both in Australia and in Singapore. He has been acknowledged by the National Arts Council of Singapore with the Young Artist award in 1998. He has also been recognized by the Bharatam dance company in Melbourne, directed by Dr Chandrabhanu, with the Natyakala award for his contribution in this industry. In his first season with the Lingalayam Dance Company, through his association with Anandavalli, Veshnu performed to great critical acclaim in Serpent Woman, when he was described as “a handsome young man with a distinctive and distinguished dance style.” (Jill Sykes, SMH). He joined Lingalayam again for Sthree in 2002, Earth & Fire in 2003, Tempest in 2004 and for the restaging of Serpent Woman in 2005.

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