Experience the magic of South India, its  history, culture and traditions showcased in one of our many activities below. Please note package options are available. 



$80 per person - 1 hr

Become a temple dancer for an hour!

Learn some of the iconic movements of south Indian and classical folk dance in this fun beginners workshop. No experience necessary!  You will receive a copy of the music used during the workshop


$150 per person - 2 hrs 

Your group will be treated to a short intimate dance performance by Anandavalli (Lucky you!)

Then our Guru will explain the lineage and history of the piece she has just performed – allowing you a deeper understanding of classical south Indian culture and spirituality. Participants can even practice the choreography themselves in this interactive format.



$80 per person - 1 hr

You're never too old to stop dancing!

Just like the beginners dance workshop, but with consideration for seniors taken into account.


$250 per person - 2.5 hrs

Spend an evening at Lingalayam with your friends(or make some new ones!)

You'll be taught some funky Indian dance moves, learn how to drape a saree properly and munch on some seriously delicious Sri Lankan food. A seriously good night out – and we wager quite unlike anything you've  done before.


$750 per person - 3 hrs 

The night begins with being invited into a sacred ceremony, to bless the space before the performance. A delicious dinner is served in a candlelit dance hall, filled with antique furniture and Indian art. A home cooked Sri Lankan feast is served. You are treated to an intimate performance by a small group of the gorgeous Lingalayam dancers. Our Guru explains the history behind the performance, and even shares some personal stories about her home and the furniture and art around you. Let's be honest here. We're kinda jealous of people who get to do this.


Travel to South India with our Guru and immerse yourself in another world. This is India like you've never experienced before. Through this trip you'll meet some of the most amazing characters that ever lived, understand the incredible history and spirituality of one of the oldest cultures in existence and eat yourself silly.

Lingalayam Dance Company Established in 1987

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