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Described by international dance connoisseurs as one of the finest artistes of his generation, Ramli Ibrahim has set stages ablaze in venerated centres of dance from Australia and India to Paris for more than three decades. His rigorous training in ballet, modern and Indian classical dance reflects not only his diverse technical accomplishments, but also his multifaceted approach to the arts. As artistic director and principal choreographer of the Sutra Dance Theatre, he has been a fountain of creativity, conceiving stunning works with a personal signature and distinctive Malaysian identity. Ramli, the guru, has nurtured some of the brightest talents to have emerged in the field of dance, many of whom have won international acclaim in both traditional and contemporary scenes. Ramli, the visionary, has been instrumental in transforming the dance scenario in Malaysia by boldly charting new paths and opening up fresh vistas through his innate yearning to embrace diverse art forms. Today, he is known for single-handedly establishing Odissi as a recognisable and widely appreciated dance form in this country, while creating a distinctively Malaysian interpretation of this ancient dance tradition. As a pioneer, Ramli is recognised nationally as a cultural icon and a dynamic force within the arts scene, evident in the various accolades conferred upon him including the Fulbright Distinguished Artist Award ‘99,the Lifetime Achievement (BOH Cameronian) Award ‘03, ANGARAG Lifetime Achievement Award ‘06 (Guru Deba Prasad Institute,Orissa), Johan Setia Mahkota (J.S.M) and Anugerah Karyawan Seni ‘06.

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