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18th - 29th November 2016

Inspired by the forces of nature, Chi Udaka is a meeting of the deep earthiness of taiko drumming, represented as Chi-Earth, and the flowing sensuality of dance, represented as Udaka-Water. At turns delicate and dramatic, Chi Udaka connects the dynamism of Taikoz’s taiko, the melodic beauty of Riley Lee’s shakuhachi, the sinuous strains of John Napier’s ‘cello, the mellifluous virtuosity of Aruna Parthiban’s classical Indian vocals, and the evocative soundscapes of John Cleworth’s electronica with Lingalayam’s blend of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi dance forms.


Chi Udaka Goes to MELBOURNE!!  

23rd - 24th January 2020

Melbourne Recital Center for AsiaTOPA Festival


Dear Friends of Lingalayam and Art Lovers in Melbourne


Finally Lingalayam comes to Melbourne, bringing to you our most vibrant and pulsating work  - Chi Udaka.


A collaboration between Taikoz and Lingalayam, Chi Udaka first premiered at the 2014 Sydney Festival to a sold-out season and went on to undertake a very successful National and International Tour to India in 2016. Sadly, we couldn't make it to Melbourne in 2016 but we are coming in January 2020.


Chi Udaka is a work that is immensely entertaining, visually enticing, but at its core is the uncompromising truth of two ancient traditional art forms merging yet holding their own.

Its a work created by Ian Cleworth (Artistic Director|Taikoz), Riley Lee (Shakuhachi Grand Master) and Myself  (Artistic Director|Lingalayam) and all three of us perform in it.


We are truly delighted to be performing at the Asia TOPA Festival 2020, at the Melbourne Recital Centre on the 23rd & 24th of January.

Chi Udaka Goes to INDIA!!  

18th - 29th November 2016

Presented by Hindu November Fest:

18th Bangalore - Chowdiah Memorial - 7.30pm

19th Chennai - The Music Academy - 7.30pm

26th Hyderabad - Ravindra Bharathi - 7.30pm

23rd Vizag - Andhra University Convocation Hall - 6.30pm

29th Mumbai - Jamshad Bhabha Theatre, NCPA - 7.30pm


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2016 National Tour Reviews 






"Highlight of the year. Surprise has something to do with it, but the exhilarating collaboration between Anandavalli’s Lingalayam dancers and Ian Cleworth’s Taikoz drummers in Chi Udaka for the 2014 Sydney Festival was thrilling.”

– Jill Sykes, Dance Australia


“One of the major highlights of the 2014 Sydney Festival, Chi Udaka is an explosively energetic blending of colour, rhythm, dance and music.” – David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide


“What a thrilling surprise. The gunshot barrage of taiko drumming melds gloriously with the sinuously melodic action of classical Indian dance in Chi Udaka.”

– Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald






Ian Cleworth, Riley Lee, Aruna Parthiban, John Napier, John Cleworth