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The Jungle and the Sea 


Written and directed by S. SHAKTHIDHARAN & 


Co-Production with LINGALAYAM

From the multi-award winning team behind Counting and Cracking comes The Jungle and the Sea.

A mother, in a time of war. Members of her family go missing, one after the other – but she never loses hope. A rich, sweeping new play that combines two great pillars of literature – the Mahābhāratha and Antigone – with the untold histories of the Sri Lankan civil war to forge a new story about surviving loss, discovering love and building a path to justice.

“Counting and Cracking was written in honour of those who tried to halt Sri Lanka’s descent into civil war. The Jungle and the Sea is written in honour of those who survived the war, and the ways they found to uphold their dignity even when everything else was falling down around them.”
S. Shakthidharan

A soaring achievement...Carried by an extraordinary International Ensemble. Hugely Recommended. 



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