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Kavita started learning Bharatha Natyam at the age of four under Smt. Neila Sathyalingam in Singapore. Migrating to Australia in 1986, Kavita was one of Anandavalli’s very first students and the first graduate of the Lingalayam Dance Academy to perform her Arangetram (dance debut) in 1994. Having performed in all the Dance Academy productions, she has been a member of the Lingalayam Dance Company since its inception in 1996. In the original staging of Serpent Woman in 2000, Kavita was one of the ‘serpent daughters’, drawing critical acclaim to her portrayal of the role. Other highlights have included performing at the 1999 AFI Awards and the Australian Dance Awards that same year at the Sydney Opera House. Kavita has an unwavering, grounded love for this ancient art form and for her guru and mentor. Its traditions and cultural heritage have played a significant role in motivating her and kept her dancing through a successful career change, marriage, two sons and a serious fracture to her ankle that saw a plate and screw inserted; but one that did not deter her from maintaining her regular dancing schedule. A member of the ensemble in Chi Udaka’s premiere season at the 2014 Sydney Festival, and in Dances of Divinity in 2015 the collaboration with Apsaras Arts Singapore, Kavita also sits on the Advisory Committee of the Lingalayam Dance Company.

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