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Dear Friends of Lingalayam,

‘Nitya Sumangali-The Temple Dancer’ in 1999 was Lingalayam’s first thematic production accompanied by a live orchestra. It was also the beginning of a remarkable five year partnership with Aravinth Kumarasamy, who held the baton as its musical director for those decisive years.

During that time the company dancers gained a deep understanding of the integral role of the musical score.
It ties together the nuances of a particular theme - it creates a platform for the choreographic vocabulary and for the production as a whole.


It was an era that saw the Lingalayam Dance Company create some of its most profound works. It saw us gain a place as one of Australia’s mainstream dance companies – and this was in no small measure due to the musical brilliance of Aravinth.

A decade later and drawing together four generations of the company dancers, Lingalayam once again partners with Aravinth. He is now Artistic Director of Apsaras Arts Singapore and brings with him their warm and dynamic male dancer Mohanapriyan.

Together, we present to you ‘Dances of Divinity’ - a performance that brings to life the lyricism of the Hindu dancing deities. I sincerely hope you will join us, not only for this wonderful new show, but this ipmortant historical reunion.

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