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Do Not miss this amazing collaboration between Lingalayam Dance Company and Taikoz coming to Melbourne Recital Center for AsiaTOPA Festival, bringing to you our most vibrant and pulsating work  - Chi Udaka.


First premiered at the 2014 Sydney Festival to a sold-out season and went on to undertake a very successful National and International Tour to India in 2016. Now in January 2020 we head to Melbourne.


Chi Udaka is a work that is immensely entertaining, visually enticing, but at its core is the uncompromising truth of two ancient traditional art forms merging yet holding their own.

Created by Ian Cleworth (Artistic Director|Taikoz), Riley Lee (Shakuhachi Grand Master) and Myself  (Artistic Director|Lingalayam).

Chi Udaka is an experience, an emotion. How do you explain it when varied cultures hold a conversation so sublime, so intense that the lines blur and they become a seamless whole? . . . .

Metro Plus- Chennai NOVEMBER 21 2016

Chi Udaka: A spectacle in sensuality

S.B. Vijaya Mary
The Hindu- DECEMBER 4 2016

Moving and memorable, a masterful work of beauty and power

Arts Hub - JUNE 27 2016

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