LINGALAYAM Established 1987

About Us

Strongly emotive and visually compelling, Lingalayam’s creative body of work incorporates dance, live-music, text and design, and is created and performed by artists of

world-class standing.


The Lingalayam repertoire draws from the ancient dance forms of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi, and is directed by legendary guru – dancer, choreographer, and teacher - Anandavalli.


Lingalayam is an Australian arts organisation, whose focus is the nurturing and strengthening of the appreciation and knowledge of Indian culture, through art works of traditional genesis, presented in the context of our contemporary society’s cultural tapestry.


Lingalayam holds the principles of cultural integrity and professional standards as paramount to the success of its creative endeavour and its future vision.


As a central focus, the work of Anandavalli and the artists of Lingalayam, express the unique role of women and dance in ancient India. These feminine themes are explored through vibrant Indian mythology, to unveil both the universal and specific strengths of women. This is named and celebrated as Shakthi and is a vital basis for the content of many of Lingalayam’s creative works.