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Kutrala Kuravanji

Kutrala Kuravanji is set in the picturesque town of Kutralam, nestled in at the foot of a mountain waterfall in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Written in beautiful ornate Tamil by Melagaram Tirikutarasakppa Kavirayar in 1715, it relates the tale of an aristocratic young girl falling helplessly in love with God and her consultations with a Kuravanji, soothsayer.


A dance drama, set in verse and related by the young maidens of Kutralam, is one of both religious devotion and human love and paints a poignant picture of life in south India 300 years ago.


Produced, directed & choreographed by Anandavalli Musical conception & direction by Aruna Parthiban


This dramatic work is performed to the accompaniment of live vocal and instrumental music.


7pm, Saturday 25th June 2011
Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
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