LINGALAYAM Established 1987


Elephant House Project
"Chi Udaka" National Tour 
25th June - 6th August 2016

Chi Udaka seamlessly blends a heart- thumping barrage of virtuosic drumming with the sinuous beauty of Indian dance.

This dynamic, cross-cultural theatrical partnership is a meeting of the thunderous drumming of Taikoz and the intricate classical Indian dance movements of Lingalayam.


The vocabulary of both companies is steeped in history and tradition and they now come together with their respective Japanese and Indian practices to break new ground.


Inspired by the forces of nature, Chi Udaka is a meeting of the deep earthiness of taiko drumming (Chi – earth) and the flowing sensuality of dance (Udaka – water). At turns delicate and dramatic, it unites the taiko drums of Taikoz, the shakuhachi flute of Riley Lee, cello and classical Indian vocals with Lingalayam’s juxtaposing of the Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi dance styles.


A collaborative work by Taikoz and the Lingalayam Dance Company.

Dances of DIVINITY 

The all-female Lingalayam Dance Company, partners with Apsaras Arts Singapore and their male dancer, choreographer Mohanapriyan in this beautiful dance presentation.


Utilizing the idiom of the classical Indian dance forms Bharatha, Natyam and Kuchipudi, Dances of Divinity explores the divine dance of the Hindu pantheon of gods, worshiped and celebrated as dancing deities.


A historical reunion with Aravinth Kumaraswamy. 

The Blue Divine 
20th August 2011

Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan perform their spell-binding new music from the heart of India.

"A revolution - the frontrunners in their generation" - New York Philharmonic


Accompanied by Lingalayam's stunning all-female Indian classical dance troupe.

"One of Australia’s cultural treasures" - Diana Simmonds.


For one sublime night featuring stoies of Indian mythology's most treasured persona: Krishna.
8pm, Saturday 20th August 2011 at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta


"The effect of listening to their work is stunning... it is devastatingly beautiful... this is the new music, 
these are the new musicians." John McLaughlin

"A glorious showcase of the mastery of technique by Anandavalli’s dancers... that, ironically, through a highly stylised art form, manages to achieve a deep emotional truth. I freely fell under the mesmerising spell..." 
Peter Wilkins, Canberra Times

Rasa Unmasked 
International Tour 2009

Rasa Unmasked was a sensuous, contemporary dance work that shed new light on India’s most vital aesthetic theory.


The performance premiered in March 2009 in Sydney, Australia – before an international tour to Malaysia, Singapore and India.


Rasa Unmasked was the result of a collaboration between Anandavalli & Australia’s Lingalayam Dance Company, Ramli Ibrahim & Malaysia’s Sutra Dance Theatre and ethnomusicologist / composer, Alex Dea – all pioneers of classical art forms in contemporary contexts.